About Mini Portal

Mini Portal was first created in 2001 by me, Justi I wanted to make the ultimate web "home page" for myself so I could quickly get to the sites I always visit. A Custom web portal.

I made a list of links, then made it a little fancier than just an ugly list of links. I tinkered away on it for a bit every once in a while until it became an alright-looking web page.

At this point it was only on my computer for my own personal use. Once it was looking better, I decided I'd like to share it with the rest of the Mini community, so uploaded it to the 'net.

Then I decided that it had to be at least a little interactive for the people whom it was targeted at. I added a News feature in PHP and MySQL so registered webmasters could add news items about their sites right here.

That was kinda hokey, so when I got my PHP book so I could actually learn PHP, I decided to completely rebuild and redesign the site.

Here it is! Anyone can add a link to the site instantly. The top links are shown on the main page of the site, and you can view each category of links too.

Registered users can host Mini Photos, add their own custom links, and submit articles for the site. The Forums are also available to the registered members. So set the Mini Portal as your Homepage now (or at very least bookmark it!) and come back for more information and links tomorrow!!

Webmaster of Mini Portal

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